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Meet the Team Mondays: Sennah Nader-Humphries

Meet the Team Mondays: Sennah Nader-Humphries

Every Monday we are going to show case our awesome team members who we support in the paddle sport world.

This week we are introducing team paddler Sennah, who is our youngest team member and she loves to paddle Slalom, Boater X, play boating and river running!

Hi Sennah, how are you? I guess that we should start with: how did you get into the world of kayaking?

When I was around 8 or 9 years old my dad booked a canoeing trip down the river Wye and I enjoyed every second of it! Not long after that I decided that I wanted to try out a kayak. My dad bought me a green dagger dynamo and I took it to a canal to test it out and I loved it! We later discovered a canoe club that was run at our local swimming pool. I started going regularly and decided to visit the White Water Centre in Cardiff. I took one look at the big water and swore that I would never go on it but that soon changed. I started off playboating and then braving the 10 cumecs to do the BoaterX. After I could Roll and do front flips I discovered Slalom.

Sennah Front Looping CIWW

What is your local paddling venue?

My local paddling venue is Cardiff International White Water Centre (CIWW). I'm  normally there at least 4 days a week, training or having a play.

What is your current boat of choice and why?

I’m currently loving my Pyranha Ripper and it is super great to use during the BoaterX series (Fastest under 9ft plastic boat on the planet) and river paddling which will hopefully be able to continue after quarantine! I took it on the Afon Nedd Fechen and it was amazing. For slalom I'm currently paddling a Galasport Tik Tak but I’m waiting on a new Omakase that was due to come in March but delayed because of covid-19.

Sennah Slalom

What is your favourite piece of kit?

I would say that my favourite piece of kit is my Predator Uno helmet because it's very light and customisable with stickers that I like to collect from everywhere! Due to the lockdown I haven't yet used any of my new NRS kit.

Sennah Kit testing

Who inspires you in the paddling world?

There are so many people in the paddling world that inspire me, including Jessica Fox and Bren Orton. My mum suggested that my Dad is also an inspiration… Yeah my dad can run, cycle, rock climb and kite surf but when it comes to kayaking he's a BEATER! love you dad :)

Have you got any big plans in mind for when this lock down is all over? Any adventures or new skills you want to learn?

I plan on working super hard to sustain my technique and fitness hoping that I can get right back to paddling as soon as possible! Oh and hit that Afon Mellte when it rains. Who doesn’t want to paddle that? Double Drop!!

Sennah hitting the drop on the Afon Tawe

What have you been doing to keep yourself sane during lock down? Any new skills learnt?

I’m super thankful that I have been loaned an Ergo paddling machine from some good friends to keep up the paddling , as I don't have access to any water. During quarantine I have discovered that I really enjoy gardening and have been helping my dad out and even painted the shed. I’ve also been taken to the dark side and become a pro fortnite player! And I have gained a new nickname , “Fridge Raider” ! My parents have converted our living room into a gym and instead of having one parent in charge of my training I now have two! Quarantine sucks!

If you could have any colour boat or pattern what would it be?

I really like the colours purple and pink so this is super cool:

Pyranha Boat Colour slector


Thanks Sennah for answering these questions,


If you want to stay up to date with Sennah you can follow her on Instagram @sennahkayaks

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